New Generation Adult Rental Rink Skates



  • 6 – 13


  • Unibody construction for low maintenance, and durability
  • Cambrelle Bacteria fighting fibers in liner fabric
  • Machine washable liners
  • Kleen Free rental wheels
  • Silver Speed Bearings

The New Generation rental is named that way due to it's unique and ground breaking construcition. One piece molded unibody boot has no attaching bolts, truck adjustment or maintainence. The Torsion Beam feature allows for adjustment free action for a very smooth freestyle skating experience. The Cambrelle carbon fiber liner feels fresh with every use and allows no bacteria or odor to build. The fully molded boot gives full ankle support and stability to the inexperienced rental skater. The new generation is produced in color groupings by size to keep your rental room organized at all times. This is the 21st Century of rental equipment.