MAXX car charger

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  • Recharge on the go
  • For use with Chaheati MAXXRechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Works with any 12V vehicle outlet
  • Cable measures 5 feet
Chaheati MAXX Car Charger was designed for the Chaheati MAXX 11.1V rechargeable lithium-Ion battery. The car charger works with any 12V vehicle outlet. Recharge on the Go whether you are at the soccer fields, camping, hunting or just warming up your car seat. Need Some Heat, Have a Seat only with Chaheati! Believe me, youll warm up to it. Chaheati was developed from an important observation I made on a cold November night sitting around a bonfire. On this particular night everyone (more so my wife) was warm and toasty on the front half of their bodies and like blocks of ice on their back halves. While watching my wifes comical frustrations from repeatedly sitting, standing, and turning to warm up, I thought, There has to be an easier, more comfortable way for everyone to have a good time. I thought that with todays technology there should be a heated portable chair.
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