CODE 72 Inline Roller Hockey Goalie Skate



  • "Feel the floor" better than ever with feature-packed Pro Elite Series thermo-fit boots
  • Low profile aluminum Tour Predator 9 Frames help you maintain your stance
  • Thor Guardian Pro Wheel are engineered to the perfect size and grip for goaltending
  • Super fast and responsive Bevo Gold-9 Race Rated (Chrome) for moving quickly in the crease
  • Adult sizing

Introducing the premier inline Goalie skates on the market: Tour Code 72. Designed for inline goalies by inline goalies, these roller hockey goalie skates are loaded with the latest technology to keep you fast and nimble in the crease. With a custom reinforced ankle stabilizer and lateral support system you will be able to "Feel The Floor" better than ever. Bake the skate to thermo-fit the boot to your unique foot shape. Enjoy the DryWick Quilted Comfort lining for the comfort and control. An adjustable felt tongue further customizes the way your inline hockey goalie skates fit. Stay low and steady on lightweight Tour Predator 9 frames and Thor Guardian Pro wheels, complete with the fastest precision bearings (Gold-9 race rated chrome) on the rink.